Monday, December 17, 2012

Laugh & Cry in one time

I know, ridiculous and a bit hilarious, isn't it?

It got me laughing like mad too! yeahhh actualy im very stress right now!!!
This is Bob's rendition of 'My Family' for his UPSR Penulisan Bahasa Melayu.

I don't know about you, but just by reading it once, I felt sorry for Bob.
Read again if you're not on the same page as I am.
For those who still don't understand, here's what's Bob trying to tell you:

* If you think your dad's garang, at least he IS at home, being garang.
*If you think your mom's naggy, at least she's nagging not moaning.
*If you think your sister's getting under your skin, at least she's still breathing.
*If you think your brother's a lil too weird for you, at least you can say he's cool.
*If you think that your lil sibling is an imaginary lil midget because they annoy you to the core, some people out there, like Bob, would love to have an existing baby brother or sister.

And last but not least ,

*If you think you're grampa's too old, be a good grandchild and drive him everywhere he wants to go OR SOMEONE'S GONNA END UP DEAD. LOL. Oh you know what i mean! lol.


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