Sunday, June 19, 2011

I when my night was accompanied by this song I

Assalamualaikum ;)

haih , it's already 1.35 am but I'm still wake up .
ohh , it's really irritating .
LOL , haha;D
well , suddenly I remember this song and frankly,
it was really nice ;)
let's hear it !

so , how is it ?
it's really nice ,am I right ?
romantic and I felt like it was so amazing .
I hope this song will be playing on my wedding .
errkk............ tet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heyy , cik wani!!!!
kau tu still young to think about it . haha;D

ok2 x mau lah,, just kidding,, aha
ckup lah ad someone special yg men this song tok aq..
aha... sungguh tersrlah kegedikan kau!!!

ok chop!!!

sorry im not good in english..
sje nk merepek malm2 :)



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