Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Learn from mistakes, not repeat the same mistakes I


i know some of you might think this is really silly yet quite disturbing. you love someone so much, you gave all your heart and soul to them, you seem to ignore all the shitty things about them and you being so careless about everything. i mean, you don't even care to take care of yourself. despite all that matter, you aren't really aware the consequences you would be facing for the future. you think you can handle it because you are a strong person. wrong. if you think you are strong, well you just playing god with yourself. who wouldn't thought that someone you love so much can leave you forever.
me neither. 

we are human and human aren't perfect. they make mistakes. silly mistakes. but it doesn't mean we have to regret all the mistakes. mistakes is a process of learning. learn not to make the same mistake again, not learn how to repeat that same mistake. if you feel your love and sacrifice doesn't worth it all for them and the feedback they been given is less then you give, don't be so stupid to ignore all the nonsense. god give you brain to think. do something.

there's a wisdom in every action. there's a reason in every mistakes that we did. learn from it. 

NotaKaki CikWani:
 smtimes aq pelik,,
 npe org lebih ingt keslhn org lain than kslhn sndri..
kpd yg brkenaan,, 
try think of urself k..!
and who are u to judge all this...
again think about it...



Anonymous said...

cinta itu buta
ada otak pun dibutakan

Cik Wani said...

actly cinta tu x buta,, tp kite ni je yg slalu pendek akal..
x fikir mne bek mne bruk =)

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