Friday, October 19, 2012

I Too many secrets will eat you slowly I

i always wanted to tell my secrets.
but if i tell to the world, it wont be a secret anymore.
despite i actually want everyone to know my secrets.

Arrghhh! specific people to be exact.
damn it !!
its to hard to keep it in my heart.
i just want to throw it all away.
too many secrets doesn't make u strong lah,
it actlly can eat you slowly.

but actly,, not all secrets we can share to everyone rite.
because we don't know wht will people think of us.
understandable mybe.
or they just don't care.

btol kn? xpe meh saya yang jawab!
Memang btol pun! sy bgtw all my prob dye mana ada respon!

next time i don't want share anything with that person!
wahahaha mampu ke kau wani tanggung sorang2!

okey3.... saya stress...




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