Tuesday, July 17, 2012

:: C O N F U S E D ::

[some day you seem so close] 
[like you stand right before me]
[but then the next day you seem so far]
[like each other we can't see]
[each day is like a roller coaster]
[with my stomach turning upside down]
[you stand there looking]
[but yet you don't utter a sound]
[i feel so confused and]
[my heart is being torn as its seems]
[and every night that I sleep]
[you seem to linger in my dream]
[every time I look at you]
[i forget all my thoughts]
[and right then and there]
[it's you that my heart has sought]
[every time I hope]
[it turns into something bad]
[so for right now I'll stop thinking]
[and maybe things won't end up sad...]

by : Jeniffer Wooters


Kesuma Angsana said...

doakan yg terbaik for u dear

Cik Wani said...

thx sis =)

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