Friday, June 8, 2012


When you think you fail, Remember this,
Failing doesnt mean I'm a failure, it just mean I haven't yet suceeded
Failing doesn't mean, I've accomplished nothing, it just mean I've learned something
Failing doesn't mean I've been fool, it just mean I dare to try

Failing doesn't mean I dont have what it takes, it just mean I must do thing differently next time
Failing doesn't mean I'm inferior, it just mean I'm not perfect
Failing doesn't mean I'll never make it, it just mean I need more patient
Failing doesnt mean I'm wrong, it just mean I must find a BETTER WAY.....

.....ALLAH KNOWs What's the Best For Us.....

:: Do entry like this doesn't mean I already to giving up before trying all my best.
 It is just my expression after all my day mngadap buku ::
 wawawahh ayt mcm bgos! haha  
ok nite all, wanna wke up  4 AM for continue menelaah my bku tebal eko tu! 


Khamsi Abdullah said...

Just keep it p gurl.. xde ape y boleh patahkan smgt kamu=)

Cik Wani said...

ya...itu PASTI! btw thx =)

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