Monday, December 26, 2011

I SLIP mmmaaaarrriiiii ... I

ok before go to clss, just wanna share something tht make me resah gelish sepnjang hari..


ok! see that!!!!
SLIP PEPERIKSAAN for final exm sudah marrriiiii...

truly is mmg excited nk exm but the more truly is sgt tkt+seram+risau+resah
mybe saya xready lg.. ehhh!! x x x x!!! think positve k.

ye!! saya dah ready!!!! tp agak gementar mybe first time.
erm, ok!! just want do one only wishlist from you all.
just pray of me and all my friends.
wish me do the best!




Zuraidah said...

All the best! Tak pe. Yang penting, pas abis exam 16hb nanti, terus cabut balik JB. Haaaa. ^__*

Cik Wani said...

yeeayyy..... tiket xdpt nk lelong!! huaaa nk join but mybe next time. :)

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