Friday, February 8, 2013

What else to be expected ?

i don't expect you soon to love me
nor are my own feelings clear

passion is the ornate entrance

to a world...

we crave and fear!

we cannot know where this...

will take us..

nor whether we will ride for long..

but pleasure is the overture..

that flows into the larger song..

so come with me..

with open mind..

and heart!

and we the time will prove..

with laughter...

and with joy unfettered..

and perhaps...


with love~


First, I'm the one person was being sensitive lately..

yaa Why heh? okay mungkin proses perubahan hormon..
ok just let it be.

Second, wanna say ALHAMDULILLAH dengan apa yang saya dapat yesterday.
maybe that is sesuai lah dengan apa yang saya usaha kan.
thanks to everyone whose give support to me.

next sem will be more tough! and I already to face it.
yeah! semangat okay...



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