Monday, February 4, 2013



I would like to share some facts or maybe just a story about me and MFJ. After tengok, dengar, baca and found sana sini about boyfriend bought flowers for his girl, now that I realized he has never given me any flowers. Then now when I scroll my tumblr page, I started reblogging those gambar-gambar bunga. Before this tak ada rasa apa sangat pon bila tengok gambar bunga-bunga tu. Suddenly I found this one picture. Those flowers are so lovely. Then something just popped out of my mind. 

Why heh? Why MFJ never bought me flowers? Is that really important? Is that normal?

Memang some of us (girls) do love flowers. Especially fresh flowers. Tapi ada jugak yang taknak pon bunga. Or tak ada perasaan dengan bunga. I don't know dalam kelas mana saya berada :p

Then  yesterday I was out with MFJ and I asked him, ''apa pandangan awak about lelaki yang bagi bunga kat awek dia?''  but, niat di hati ni actlly lain sebenarnya nak menanya, Actually I want asked him like that.. "awak tak pernah bagi saya bunga kan? Awak memang tak nak bagi ke or awak tak pernah terpikir pon nak bagi eh?" Haha sounds stupid kan? Yes I'm stupid like that. Ini lagi nampak stupid 'cause I just googled "my boyfriend has never given me flowers. Is that normal?". I found many many reasons and opinions from both guys and girls.

Some of them said, guys can not and do not read minds. If you want flowers, tell him. Guys won't know what's your expectations unless you tell them. For most situations, I do agree with this saying. Ain pernah suruh tengok this one video in Youtube, 'Women Are Thinkers'. Go check them out! 

Sebab memang kenyataan. Girls can't stop thinking even for seconds. Unless tidur lah kan :p berbalik pada tajuk bunga, maybe guys tak terfikir yang ada perempuan memang akan berharap untuk dapat bunga? Or maybe tak pernah kisah girls nak or taknak bunga?

Then some of them said, a guy isn't meeting the standards to be in a relationship if he has never given flowers to his girl. They said it's kinda romantic gestures that shows she's important to him. Is that so? Tak berapa nak agree with this statement. Don't know why.

I like this one, they said the problem is that you're comparing your relationship with other. You can not and SHOULD NOT compare, after all all relationships are going to be different no matter what. You may hear all these sweet things from your friends, but what about all the bad things? (That's totally right. I gave 5/5 points here) If you keep comparing you're just going to get all into a fit when it's not the same like how you are doing now. Don't you think so? Tapi tak salah kan if girlfriend nak demand for something kadang-kadang bila jealous jugak tengok orang lain? :p

I liked this one also, guys come in different shape and form. Some likes to do small gesture to show it and some thinks being with you is enough. But as for me, I think giving flowers is not a small gesture. It takes an effort from a guy. Ke sebab tak pernah dapat bunga dari boyfriend? Sebab tu macam jakun kot eh? Haha

Ada jugak reason ni, flowers these days are rather expensive. Haa that's why I said it's not a small gesture. It requires him pergi kedai bunga, fikir bunga apa, beli bunga, fikir macam mana nak bagi, bila nak bagi. Lots a things jugak kan? :p

Tapi alasan malu nak masuk kedai bunga beli bunga untuk girlfriend adalah sangat tak patut. Kecik hati girlfriend tau alasan camtu. For me, its doesn't give problm to guys because in relationship must have PERNGORBANAN and that is one of the PENGORBANAN. Tak semestinya sacrifice you must gadai nyawa you for your GF. TIDAK ok!  

For guys yang fikir macam ni pulak, 'taknak lah bagi bunga. Nanti layu jugak. Nanti last-last kena buang jugak'. No no no! Jangan fikir macam tu.

Memang bunga tu takkan kekal cantik dan baunya, tapi the memory yang akan jadi the most beautiful to be remembered :)

Conclusion here, I'm ok with MFJ not giving me any flowers (yet) 'cause at first I thought it's not normal. Hihi. But somehow one thing guys should know, it's the littlest thing that matters :)


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