Tuesday, October 4, 2011

..kenangan itu..

the moment..

the truth were spilled out..
the moment..
you said those words..
i just can't believe it!

the moment..
you make me smile..
the moment..
you make me laugh..
is the happiest moment of my life..

the moment..
i fall for you..
the moment..
my heart stops beating..
i just can't find the reasons why..
it happens...

so now..
if you tell me..
that your heart's for me..
that you're longing for me..
prove it..

if you're saying..
you would do anything..
do it..

don't just ignore me..
'cause i just can't stand it..

si je dois faire du mal à accéder à votre coeur..Je vais faire ce que jamais pour le rendre je doit pleurer pour toi..Je vais pleurer.. mais..s'il vous plaît ne pas l'ignorer moi..

hah.. tetibe entry kali ni warna memainkan peranan..!



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