Monday, October 17, 2011

CONGRATS to my abg...

lame rase x updte blog.
actly i hve a lot work to do. assgmnt ni brlambak2.
n now nk spend time skit kt blog ni jap.
this entry i dedicate for my brother yg bru convo smlm.

sorry xdpt nk hadirkn dri ke sna.
klo dekat mmg dah lme merayap kt unisel tu.
tp ape nsib org jauh!!!

but the way for your graduating, I'd like to wish u a lot of success, happiness and happy graduation!
well done bro ! 
and keep  it up!

ahhaaaaa.... congrats also to my sis!
Nur Farhana Ramdzan !!
u look so pretty+sweet+cute = kebaboooommm lah kak.! ^_*

comeyyy!!  T_T


erkk!!! ape kne mngena!!
haha ni pic aq time convo form 6 last year!
biar r... hbis sume gmbr kt ats xde pic aq pn!
haha ngelat! nk gak msok my pic... ^_*

ok ckup!!!! 
aha actly jeles xdpt g sme!
n jeles abg dah convo!

k nk continue wt assgmnt....
n wish me the best tomorrow. kne jd MC sok kt satu mjlis yg kiteorg anjurkan.
waaa... xpnh jd MC... 
wish me the best!
:: Thanks God, one only my brother dah lepas satu fasa hidup ::



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